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Tag for 3d prints? I think I like it!

Digital information on a physical tag for a digitally manufactured object. Whew.

Thingiverse user whosawhatsis designed these ingenious tags for 3D printed objects from Thingiverse. The tags combine a QR code that connects to the Thingiverse page for the object with important text information for human readers. There is even a bookmarklet that runs a script to automatically generate these tags from any Thingiverse page.
Besides the obvious cleverness of automatically generated tags, this project represents a way to connect the digital and physical worlds, which I believe is the real power of digital fabrication. Technology like a 3D printer turns a digital file into a physical 3D object, but once the object is finished there isn’t anything to connect that object back to the digital world. These tags are one way to fix that problem.

originally posted at Ponoko by Taylor Gilbert

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