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3D Body scans for Fashion line

We are perfecting our “in house” built scanning system. Our ideal is to perform high resolution scans with colored texture simultaneous around an object in a fraction of a second. We would like to perform these scans with minimal occlusion (that’s scanning talk for places the scanner can’t see), higher resolution and more dimensional accuracy than off the shelf systems.

There are a few high priced scanners ($250,000 and up) that do that but we’ve been working on a completely original way to do that less with less costs.

We’re funding this ourselves and have developing the system ourselves too. It’s been an arduous but rewarding process and with each job I see marked improvement. I arrived at a point last week where I said to myself….”Self,.. I think we can do this!” That is a noticeable difference than some previous inner dialogs. Which, I should not repeat.

Here is our first attempt.

Since then we adjusted the volume in order to incorporate more vertical space. We also replaced the black and white sensor with a 18 mp camera. We haven’t explored the full scope of that resolution yet but I am itching to.

Here is the second attempt:

We still have to increase our calibration grid (which will take some work) but we certainly increased the vertical volume and included a 1.5mp color texture! Can you imagine what will happen with 5, 8, 10, 15, 18 MP!  Besides taxing my computer and melting my video processor…. But, I digress.

AND… this was within 2 days!

I am very happy! This will be an excellent supplement to our large format CNC machine we are currently building.

check out for more info.

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