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Switching over to wordpress

You know, to a certain extent I like all my info in one space. It’s true.

I liked all the “free” things that google offers but to be frank; in an effort to be so inclusive to everyone, they have alienated me.

And to be frank on another level, their blogger interface is not very good. They also do not support the use of Word or Onenote with their blogging and that is counterintuitive.

Starting today I am moving my active blog to wordpress and copying stuff to blogger. (the search advertising is the only thing that is valuable in my opinion.

Now to some 3d stuff!

Yes, I have been not posting in a long time. Shame on me!

I also have been working on some great stuff.

Harold and Kumar’s Christmas has our wafflebot plastered all over the press.

This was milled and 3d printed by Behold3d. Fabricated by K.N.B. Effects Group and digitally sculpted by Akihito Ikeda.

We also milled an awesome set.. errr….prop…. errr (well, I am not really sure how to describe it) for The new “Chronicles of Riddick” sequel for Tinsley Studios.

-worked with A.D.I on the feature “Ender’s Game”.

-milled some stuff for Gary Tunnicliffe’s Two hours in the Dark for the Blue Man Group.

-3d modeled, 3d printed and duplicated specialty prop pieces for a new “Smart Car” commercial.

-3d modeled, 3d printed, and cast props for a segment in the new feature V/H/S which is making people sick all over the world!

I am extremely happy with what we’ve accomplished. We have several new projects in the works such as some model kits of some loved family classic scifi shows, masks, and props.

Look for pics soon.

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