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And the Oscar for best acting goes to… Lidar scan data


I work in the film industry and I perform scans that have been used offhandedly in many films. It’s rare (if non existent) to see scans which were incorporated in the film as one of the stars.

In 2010 Patryk Kizny ( and his crew from LookyCreative worked on a film called “The Chapel”. You can find that film here:

In that film Kizny used motion controlled HDR time lapse in order to bring this decaying protestant temple in Zeliszów, Poland, designed by Karl Langhans and built in 1796-1797 to life.

Now, Kizny’s back and he’s planning on a second film called “Rebirth”. In that film he utilized a Faro Focus 3D scanner to capture point cloud data. Based on the teasers he’s shared and his indiegogo campaign ( His partially completed film uses the chapel as a character and incorporates a dancer as an allegory for the ballet of images he uses to spotlight this beautiful landmark. The results are stunning.




 I have been under impressed by the display and rendering options for 3d point cloud data. Kizny generated the point clouds with Thinkbox Software’s volumetric particle renderer, Krakatoa. Krakotoa is a plugin for Autodesk’s 3d Studio Max. I think the results are mesmerizing.

EKG Baukultur scanned the chapel with a resulting cloud of 500 million points. We’ve dealt with huge point clouds too (in fact, larger than this!) Our recent project for Paul McCarthy made us develop new processes to take use point clouds and incorporate them into huge solid files for manufacturing. That is a story for another day. We’ll blog about that after his show opens.

The EKG Baukultur team registered the separate scans together using FARO Scene software. The data was then re-imported into Alice Labs Studio Clouds (which is now part of Autodesk) for clean up. The data was then processed in Geomagic Studio to reduce noise, fill holes and uniformly decimate sparts of the scan data. The data was exported from MeshLab and processed using custom Python scripting. I find that all intriguing especially since Kizny has no background in vfx or 3d acquisition.

My last takeaway from this story is the scans of the chapel will be donated to CyArk, a non-profit dedicated to the digital preservation of cultural heritage sites.

Find out more about Patryk Kizny’s project here:

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