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3 Ways that Buckaroo Banzai is Changing the Way I do Business



Sorry for the delayed post. I am playing catch up a bit. All for fantastic reasons though.


First, my birthday was last Friday!


Yay me!


My family took me to Long Beach and we had a relaxing weekend window shopping in the vintage shops, beach combing, eating seafood, and visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific. We also visited our friends who just opened a restaurant called “The Breakfast Bar”. Everything was yummy but I enjoyed their take on chicken and waffles and the amazing gravy that came with it! Wow!


Then it was Easter. We love Easter in our home. The whole notion of rebirth resounds in us on many levels. Spiritual, mental, aesthetic rebirth means a great many things to us since December. That’s a story for another day. But it leads us to some other things I wanted to mention.


We have been planning many things at Behold 3D.


First the podcast. There will be more to come about it in the next week. (as well as a full court marketing press….just warning ya!) Behold 3D is going to be launching a podcast that focuses on encouraging artist and creators to use new technology in their art. It will be a half hour show released once a week.


We are also planning a store front.Yup! you heard me right. We are planning a physical place where we can offer scans and 3d prints to the public. It will be a place where we can encourage artist that are not world-famous. It will be a place where anyone can walk in and learn new technology in an exciting and fun way. When that happens you’ll even more inundated with our marketing hype.


And finally this is the last thing I’ve been working on. It needs some back story though.


I recently had an amazing interaction with someone on twitter.


I am a fan of Buckaroo Banzai. Yes, I am that guy.


The campy 80’s sci-fi romp epitomized heroic adventure for me. With stars like Weller, Lithgow, Lloyd, and Goldbloom it was destined for some sort of greatness. But to be frank the film and its supplemental literature also expound something else.


Buckaroo is a rock star, hero, neurosurgeon, Bujutsu master, genius scientist, who is described in the film as, “…Einstein, James Bond and Batman all rolled into one!”


I confess, I love that! I love the idea that someone can strive to be all they can be and more. It’s an idea that a person can strive to reach their unbounded potential in order to give all they can to the world.


Well fast forward to the new millennia and 2014. I have been tweeting Buckaroo Banzai quotes and that has garnered a small bit of attention in segments I would normally consider uninterested in what I do. (Heck, lately the whole world seems interested in what I do!)


One of my new followers had a Buckaroo Banzai quote in his description. I @mentioned him and said that I was happier than a clam that he had that reference in his moniker. He in turn @mentioned me asking me if it was worth a free 3d print. Aha!


My mind has been mulling over a few things for the past few months. Someone once said “you’ll get everything in life that you want if you just make sure that others get what they want.” No It wasn’t Buckaroo Banzai (even though it totally sounds like something he would say) it was Zig Ziglar. That was wonderful and alarming at the same time! Then a few years ago I stumbled upon the amazing work of Lee Perry Smith. Smith runs a company in the UK that performs the best 3d scans of humans I’ve ever seen. This has been something that I have been trying to achieve for years. I asked If Lee would train me and we settled on a price that was not within my means. It was totally a bargain at twice the price. However, I work on absolutely no margin. Sometimes with technology money goes to pay those high-priced items and not to my pay check. Lee however is extremely generous with his work and knowledge. His generosity affected me in ways that I find difficult to grasp.


I promise I will take him up on the offer if he still will have me.


But those two interactions have shaped me.


I responded to the gentleman and told him that we were experimenting with new materials and methods and if he didn’t mind I would print his item completely for free as I test. He agreed and we went to work.


Honestly, I fell in love with that interaction.


So I am officially sending out the call.


We will print one item completely for free every month for an artist we specially select. The item has to fit within the build volume of our test printer and has to be with the material we are testing on hand. We reserve the right to pick whichever model fits our needs at the time and which ever color we are testing. I will work with the artist to make sure the file is properly prepared for shipping. We will make the file watertight and scale it to fit.


I will pay for shipping too.


This will go on indefinitely, Hopefully as our tests and our capacities improve so will what we’ll be able to offer for free.


How can you be considered you may ask? Simply mention us at @behold3d and tell us you are interested or send us a message on Facebook on the Behold 3D page. Heck, you can even comment on this post and we’ll correspond.


So, let us hear from ya!

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