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3D postage stamps? Engaging the public

A parking tower by Studio Marco Vermeulen. These days, architecture is often either left unbuilt (or it takes place within the shell of an older building). Despite our questioning of the … Continue reading

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Josh Harker

Let’s be honest. If you don’t know who Josh harker is…. well you should. He’s a heck of a nice guy and a wonderful artist. He makes wonderful art using … Continue reading

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Tag for 3d prints? I think I like it!

Digital information on a physical tag for a digitally manufactured object. Whew. Thingiverse user whosawhatsis designed these ingenious tags for 3D printed objects from Thingiverse. The tags combine a QR … Continue reading

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Free online 3d Digitizing!

Digitise objects with an ordinary digital camera! May 8 New 3D scanning web app…   This week we’re looking at a new 3d scanning web app that scans real objects … Continue reading

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I Want Candy!!!!!!!!

From Ponoko/ Sweet As 3D Printing  May 4 Making sweet sweet jewelleryIf you look through the Ponoko showroom, you’ll notice how incredibly popular jewellery is.  Personally I don’t have any … Continue reading

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Oh, if i were made out of money!

Scott Campbell – Noblesse Oblige- 03.20.11 Laser cut stacks of uncut money… into skull motifs… that is one QUICK way to grab my attention, and almost want to miss a … Continue reading

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Piss poor prints-3D Prints with Pee

We are not making this up. It seems that there is always someone, somewhere trying to 3D print with practically any imaginable material. This time the mix is sand, pee … Continue reading

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Printing in Bone! Yes, very cool!

My friends had a dilemma. One of them does wonderful artwork using taxidermy mashups and  the other uses 3d printing (and now scanning 😉 ) in their art. check out The one … Continue reading

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3D scanning in commercial title sequence

MAD MMX. Opening Title Sequence Making of When the opportunity arises, Physalia likes twisting and pushing the possibilities of thecreative process. Such was the case when creating the opening titles … Continue reading

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(Not) Printing a human ear in silicone

US researchers at Cornell University have engineered an ear made of silicone using a 3D printer, which they hope will one day be capable of producing functional human body parts. … Continue reading

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3D art that is not at all what we do… but still cool!

Originally posted at When Tristan Eaton isn’t designing toys or reworking brand identities as head of Thunder Dog Studios, he can be found collaborating with an array of today’s exciting … Continue reading

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"Rubber Rules" the wonderful video archives of Steve Johnson

Most of you don’t have an inside window into the makeup special effects world but at one time there was an extremely talented shop buzzing around town. It was helmed … Continue reading

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3D Printing A Lightweight, Super Strong Bicycle

3D Printing A Lightweight, Super Strong Bicycle March 9, 2011 The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), are making strides in the additive layer manufacturing method of 3D printing … Continue reading

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The truth about Iron Man 3D prints

Sam Green on the Objet blog posted a wonderful article about 3d printing in regard to Iron Man II suits. I just want to set the record straight. Not that … Continue reading

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Ray Caesar: lil 3d and scanning lite

I do not usually enjoy reading The Huffington Post but it’s good to remain open minded especially when it comes to art and artistic excellence. Ray Caesar uses 3d in … Continue reading

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Modern Concept (car) art

The work that goes into building a physical model of a concept car is usually hidden behind closed doors, known only to engineers sworn to secrecy and similarly tight-lipped subcontractors. … Continue reading

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Fashion shoe from scan and Print

A futuristic, skeletal shoe made just for you. Following up on our post on 3d printed fashion clothes. I saw this on the Ponoko blog. Fashion design students Naim Josefi … Continue reading

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Rethinking Rodin’s Thinker By Joris Peels | February 14, 2011Rodin’s Thinker is quite possibly the world’s most famous sculptures. In 2007 the Singer Laren museum was burgalarized and 7 statues were stolen. … Continue reading

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3d Printed fashion and couture….

I am very happy… ouch We certainly can tell how wonderfully excited and happy this model is about wearing a completely 3d printed fashion outfit from the artist Iris van … Continue reading

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New materials from Objet: Objet tests advanced 3D printing materials

First of all I have to say, I am very excited about the new materials from Objet. Really, if they can get lower cost materials to print in the range … Continue reading

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